Forget Iced Lattes. Try Euphoria's New Vanilla Ice Cream Bar Dipped in Chocolate or Kona

by Bonnie Glass | June 15, 2015

chocolate covered ice cream bar

Euphoria Chocolate has a new vanilla ice cream bar!  You may be asking yourself if this is exclamation point worthy, let alone blog material.  Rest assured the answer is yes because this bar is that good.   

This locally made bar is 100% real vanilla ice cream and it's HUGE.  As if that isn't tempting enough we can dip it in our chocolate dipping sauce.  If you need a little lift why not try our new Kona coffee chocolate dipping sauce!  That is another exclamation point because, yes, the new flavor is that darn good.  Seriously.

Enjoy our new bar at any of three locations today.  I would write more but I am suddenly craving an ice cream bar.  Gotta go......

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Chocolate Factory Sale - Stock Up on Your Favorites Now!

by Van Glass | May 13, 2015

Let the countdown begin! May 14th through Sunday May 17th Euphoria Chocolate Company will be having it's biggest factory sale ever.  Are you ready?  We are so come and see us at our Factory Store off West 11th and Bertelsen.

New labels on our bagged items have left us with a ton of old label items.  So we thought why not offer buy one get one free?  And if you are coming to see us anyway why not include 20% off bulk and baking chocolate along with Euphoria Chocolate's famous Ultra Sauce.  Just like a Ginsu Knife offer, we aren't done yet!  Select Classic Truffles will be $1.50 and dipped ice cream bars will be .99 cents.

Unlike a Ginsu commercial, you don't have to act within the next 30 minutes to get these special prices.  Just pop into our Factory Store this Thursday through Sunday.

Sale at Factory Store Only

 Euphoria Factory Store

4080 Stewart Road (off West 11th and Bertelsen)


Sale Hours

Thursday & Friday 9 am – 6 pm

Saturday 10am – 5 pm

Sunday 11 am – 5 pm

New Strawberry and Champagne Truffle

by Bonnie Glass | February 05, 2015

My current list of likes includes chocolate (obviously), ripe red strawberries, champagne and the color pink.  When I decided to create a new truffle for Valentine's Day I thought why not combine them all?  The result is Euphoria Chocolate Company's new Strawberry and Champagne Truffle. Unlike our other Classic Truffles, this has a white chocolate ganache. It allows the delicate flavor of champagne and sweet strawberries to shine. Dipped in dark the wonderful bitter bite blends with the creamy subtle sweetness of the champagne ganache. The white chocolate dipped version is silky rich treat. Both are topped with sparkling pink sugar for a festive look.   Pop into your nearest Euphoria location and try one today. If you wait too long they might be gone. This is a limited time flavor made for Valentine's Day. Once they are gone they won't be back until next year. So it might be a good idea to buy two!

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34th Annual Truffle Shuffle - Registration Open

by Van Glass | January 09, 2015

Register today to run the 34th Annual Truffle Shuffle.  Help support veteran families through St. Vincent De Paul while getting a little exercise and being rewarded with one of our delicious truffles at the finish line.