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Forget Iced Lattes. Try Euphoria's New Vanilla Ice Cream Bar Dipped in Chocolate or Kona

chocolate covered ice cream bar

Euphoria Chocolate has a new vanilla ice cream bar!  You may be asking yourself if this is exclamation point worthy, let alone blog material.  Rest assured the answer is yes because this bar is that good.   

This locally made bar is 100% real vanilla ice cream and it's HUGE.  As if that isn't tempting enough we can dip it in our chocolate dipping sauce.  If you need a little lift why not try our new Kona coffee chocolate dipping sauce!  That is another exclamation point because, yes, the new flavor is that darn good.  Seriously.

Enjoy our new bar at any of three locations today.  I would write more but I am suddenly craving an ice cream bar.  Gotta go......