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The Magic of Euphoria Chocolate and Oregon Pinot Noir

For wine enthusiasts, chocolate connoisseurs, foodies, and tourism seekers, there’s an undeniable allure to the pairing of fine wine and exquisite chocolate. In Oregon, this combination reaches new heights, especially when it involves the celebrated Pinot Noir and Euphoria Chocolate Company.

Oregon is renowned for its Pinot Noir, a grape variety that thrives in the region's cool climate and diverse terroir. Known for its complex flavors, balanced acidity, and silky texture, Oregon Pinot Noir offers a versatile profile that can complement a wide range of foods, especially chocolate.

The Willamette Valley provides an ideal growing environment for Pinot Noir. The combination of volcanic and sedimentary soil types contributes to the unique flavor profiles found in Oregon Pinot Noir.

Expect to encounter notes of cherry, raspberry, and strawberry, often with subtle hints of earthiness, spice, and floral undertones.  These flavors pair beautifully with many kinds of chocolate and chocolate confections.

Pairing wine with chocolate might seem straightforward, but it requires a thoughtful approach to balance flavors and enhance the tasting experience.

The fruit-forward notes of Oregon Pinot Noir harmonize beautifully with the bold, rich flavors of dark chocolate. Look for chocolates with a cocoa content of 60% or higher.

            Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts

            Dark Chocolate Caramel Gift Box

            Double Dark Chocolate Classic Truffle

            Dark Chocolate Buttons

The silky tannins of Pinot Noir can soften the bitterness of extra dark chocolate, creating a smoother, more enjoyable taste sensation.

            Extreme Dark Chocolate Classic Truffle

            Euphoria 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

            Extra Dark Buttons

Milk chocolate can also worl well.  Choose a milk chocolate that is not overly sweet, as this can overpower the subtle nuances of the Pinot Noir.

           Milk Chocolate Classic Truffle

           Milk Chocolate Buttons

           Milk Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Combining your love for wine and chocolate with a trip to Oregon can be a memorable experience. The region offers plenty of opportunities for wine tourism, where you can taste the best Pinot Noirs and indulge in local chocolate delicacies.  Cheers!