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Italian Bonet from Rosalinda at Molto Ono


by Rosalinda Mariotti of Molto Ono

Bonet translates to “Hat” in Piedmont, in the northern part of Italy. It is named after the popular accessory because, like a hat, is the last thing one puts on before leaving the house. A dessert is also the last triumphant entree of a well done meal, just before the guests depart. The dessert originated in the 1300 and did not include chocolate, which appeared in Europe only in the 16th century. The recipe I share today is called Sabauda because instead it does feature chocolate. It is easy to make, just a handful of ingredients, but rich in flavor. Hope you will love it, too.

The dessert is baked “bain Marie” in a water bath so I use ceramic ramekins for easy unmolding.
Makes 6 portions at about ½ C each.

500 g whole milk (for the adult version I swap ¼ c of milk for Rum) (about 2 cups)
70 g granulated sugar (about 1/3 cup)
50 g Amaretti cookies (about 1.7 oz)
50 g Euphoria Chocolate Liquor Wafers (about 2 oz)
4 eggs
a pinch of salt
a pinch of powered coffee (optional)
for caramel:
100 g granulated sugar (½ c)
a dallop of water

To make the Bonet:
Place the hard Amaretti cookies in a food processor and pulverize creating an Amaretti powder. (or use a ziplock bag and rolling pin). Set aside.

Now chop the chocolate, roughly. Set aside.
Bring the milk and Rum to a boil. Add coffee powder if using. Add the chocolate, wait 30 seconds and then stir to melt.

Meanwhile beat the eggs with the sugar, salt, and Amaretti powder. Now add the chocolate milk.

DO NOT whisk vigorously. You don't want to have too many bubbles, the custard needs to be smooth.

Set aside while you prepare the caramel.

Pre heat oven to 325° F static

In a deep casserole mix sugar and water, over midium low heat melt until the sugar is caramelized (dark honey color). Pour equal amounts on the bottom of each ramekin. Act quickly or will solidify.

With a ladle, gently lifting from the bottom to the top, divide the mix equally among the 6 ceramic cups. Place them in a larger oven pan such as a 9x13 roasting pan.

Place it in the oven and add enough lukewarm water until it reaches ¾ “ of the height of the ceramic cups.

Bake undisturbed for about 40~45 min. Check for doneness touching the surface and shaking the ramekins. Will firm up in the fridge, where should rest minimum 3 hours or overnight.

Using a pairing knife if needed, unmold the Bonet on a serving plate.

Garnish with a dallop of whipped orange cream or chocolat decorations.  For the decorations I used the same chocolate (Chocolate Liquor Wafers) melted and piped or stamped with a frozen brass tool.