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Classic Truffle Midnight Kona Gift Box

Classic Truffle Midnight Kona Gift Box

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The Midnight Kona Truffle offers a symphony of taste that's bound to tantalize your palate and awaken your senses. This heavenly truffle is crafted for the connoisseur of fine dark chocolates and robust coffee. 

The smooth rich dark chocolate ganache is infused with Hawaiian Kona coffee creating a rich, aromatic center.  Our chocolatiers then expertly hand dip each truffle in 70% extra dark chocolate.  The crowning glory of each Midnight Kona Truffle is a sprinkle of finely ground Hawaiian Kona coffee.  This fabulous finishing detail that not only adds to the visual appeal but also provides a gentle textural contrast and an extra burst of coffee flavor that sets these truffles apart.

Every bite delivers a harmonious blend of coffee and cocoa that dances on the tongue, offering an experience that's as invigorating as it is comforting.  Perfect for dark chocolate enthusiasts and coffee aficionados alike.

Whether you're looking for an after-dinner delight, a thoughtful gift for a fellow chocolate lover, or just a means to treat yourself to a moment of pure bliss, Midnight Kona is a choice that transcends the ordinary. Transform your perception of what a truffle can be and give in to the temptation of these beautifully crafted, coffee-infused dark chocolate treasures.

Classic Truffles are perishable and shipped UPS only to ensure timely delivery and not eligible for free shipping.

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