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Chocolate Survival Kit

Chocolate Survival Kit

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In the event of a chocolate emergency, are you prepared?  Do you have dark chocolate?  A wee bit of caramel, chocolate covered nuts or maltballs?  If your answer is no then we are sorry to inform you that your are not prepared.  But fear not because our Chocolate Survival Kit has everything you need in a chocolate crisis;

  • Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (3 oz) - gourmet Arabica coffee beans covered in premium dark for a sweet caffeine buzz
  • Button Mingle (3oz) - Creamy milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate, and white chocolate buttons mixed together
  • Milk Chocolate Maltballs (3 oz) – light and crispy malted milk centers covered in a generous layer of creamy milk chocolate
  • Molded white chocolate aspirin (.5 oz each) – hand molded white chocolate aspirins are a fix for whatever is ailing you.
  • Milk chocolate almond chortle – made by hand in small batches by our chocolatiers using the highest quality smooth, buttery caramel and premium roasted almonds encased in creamy milk chocolate. A fresh, decadent gourmet chocolate confection to enjoy or give as a gift

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